SGI Fuel

SGI (Silicon Graphics) Fuel


Option 1

MIPS R14000A CPU @ 600 MHz w/ 2 MB L2 cache
– 512 MB High-Density DDR SDRAM
– 36 GB @10K RPM SCSI drive (w/ space for 2 more drives)
– High Performance V12 3D graphics subsystem

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Price: US$1,995

Option 2

MIPS R16000A CPU @ 700 MHz w/ 4 MB L2 cache
– 2560 MB High-Density DDR SDRAM
– SGI 18 GB @10K RPM SCSI drive (w/ space for 2 more drives)
– Ultra High Performance V12 Pro 3D graphics subsystem

Special Order

Price: $2495

Both Options include:

– 10/100baseT Ethernet
– Powered by SGI IRIX 6.5.x (media package available)
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Product Description

Silicon Graphics (SGI) Fuel

Manufacturing, Defense & Intelligence, Energy and Media

The SGI Fuel features the MIPS RISC R16000 processor, the unparalleled V12Pro 3D graphics system for IRIX operating system and a high-bandwidth design based on the SGI 3000 family of Onyx and Origin systems.

Due to its high-performance architecture, this workstation is perfectly designed to execute demanding applications for creative and technical users, while the 48-bit RGBA provides the highest level of precision available on any desktop system today.