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SUN E3500

SUN Enterprise 3500 (E3500)


Option 1 SMP

8 x 336 MHz 64-bit UltraSPARC-II w/ 4MB L2 cache (max CPUs)
6 GB RAM (max 16 GB RAM)
– CD-ROM Drive
– 2 x 1000Base-SX Fiber Cards
Elite3D Graphics

Price: $1995

Option 2 SMP

6 x 400 MHz 64-bit UltraSPARC-II w/ 8MB L2 cache (supports 8 CPUs)
6 GB RAM (max 16 GB RAM)
– 4 x 9GB Ultra2 SCSI FC Drives (supports 8 internally)
– TGX Graphics

Price: $1,995

Both options come with:
SUN Type 6 keyboard & Type 6 mouse
Integrated 100Mbps Ethernet
Integrated Ultra Wide SCSI
4 Fiber Ports + Fiber Optic Cabling
Three power supplies (for redundancy)
Powered by SUN Solaris 8 or 9
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Product Description

sun Enterprise 3500 (E3500)

When deploying critical business applications or Internet/intranet services, the 8-processor Sun Enterprise 3500 server delivers exceptional availability and performance features. Downtime is significantly reduced through its resilient architecture, advanced system management tools, and software enhancements, such as Dynamic Reconfiguration and Alternate Pathing (DR/AP).

DR/AP allows for on-the-fly expansion and maintenance of system hardware components, making this server the ideal choice for enterprise or ISP use. In addition, the modular hardware components of the system, combined with the scalable Solaris Operating Environment, deliver outstanding investment protection and make it easy to raise performance and add capacity.

Note: Due to heavy weight, local pickup is preferred.