HP 712/100


HP 9000 712/100 (A4345A)

– PA-RISC 7100LC 100MHz CPU
96 MB RAM (expands to 192MB)
– 4MB VRAM; video outputs to regular PC monitor
– 2.1GB hard drive
– Integrated 10Mbps Ethernet
– Integrated SCSI-II
– Low profile pizza box chassis
– Powered by choice of HP-UX 11.0 or 10.20 or 9.05

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HP 9000 712/80 (A4027A)

As above but with the following key differences:
– PA-RISC 7100LC 80MHz
– 64 MB RAM

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IT Students, Small Businesses, Home

This is a perfect system for anyone who uses UNIX or is learning the UNIX operating environment. Designed for simple installation, expansion and serviceability. As easy to configure as stereo components, with its plug-in memory modules and disks. Integrated 10Mbps Ethernet provides an easy connection to LAN or high speed Internet.

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