HP B2000 (A5983A)

HP B1000 (A4985A)

$795.00 $595.00

HP 9000 Visualize B1000 (A4985A)

– HP PA-RISC 8500 64-bit CPU @ 300MHz

– 512 MB High-Density ECC SDRAM (max 4096 MB)

– 9.1GB Ultra2 SCSI LVD

– High Performance Visualize graphics

Internal CDROM IDE

EVC to SVGA adapter incl. (output to PC monitors)

HP USB keyboard and mouse

Powered by your choice of HP-UX 11i, 11.0, or 10.20

Price: $795 – $595 Special Order

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Product Description

HP 9000 Visualize  B1000 (A4985A)

Designers, Developers, Power Users

The HP Visualize B1000 workstation brings blazing fast graphics and 64 bit processing to the desktop in a completely redesigned mid-tower system package; as a result, the memory bus and disk bus bandwidth have markedly improved to twice that of their predecessors. Fully upgradeable to HP’s PA8700+ processor and beyond, this ensures long-term performance viability.