HP C360

HP C360 (A4988A)

$995.00 $725.00

HP 9000 Visualize C360 (A4988A)

HP PA-RISC 8500 64-bit CPU @ 367MHz

– 384 MB ECC RAM (max 1536 MB RAM)

– 4.5GB Ultra-Wide SCSI Drive

Internal CDROM IDE

– Visualize EG graphics

EVC to SVGA adapter included (output to PC monitors)

HP PS/2 keyboard and mouse included

Powered by your choice of HP-UX 11i, 11.0, or 10.20

Price: $995 $725

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Product Description

Developers, Power Users, Businesses

This HP Visualize C360 workstation brings fast graphics and 64 bit RISC processing to the desktop in a system package based on HP’s high-performance PA-RISC processors. System is ideal for high-performance power users as well as small to medium sized businesses. The processors in C360/C200 are used in high-end V-class servers.