HP C8000 (AB629A)


– Dual PA-RISC 8800 64 bit CPUs @ 1GHz w/ 32 MB L2 Cache
– 4096 MB ECC RAM (max 32 GB)
– 74 GB + 36 GB UltraSCSI Hard Drives
– ATI Fire GL X1 w/ dual DVI video & 256MB DDR SGRAM
– Internal 16X DVD Drive
– Gigabit Ethernet, 5x USB 2.0 Ports, 1 AGP-8X slot, 6 PCI slots, 2 PCI-X slots
– HP USB keyboard and USB mouse
– Powered by HP-UX 11i

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Product Description

HP C8000

Automotive, Aerospace, Electronic Design Enterprises

Featuring advancements in processor, graphics, chip set and cooling technology, this new generation of RISC-based HP workstations enables UNIX workstation users to design and analyze products more quickly and affordable than before. The PA-8800 processor features two-way performance at one-way prices and four-way performance at two-way prices and it is binary compatible with existing HP-UX 10.20, 11.0 and 11i applications.

The advanced low-noise cooling system makes the HP Workstation c8000 dramatically quieter than competitive UNIX workstations, with a library-quiet operating noise output of less than 5.0 Bels and whisper-quiet idling output of only 4.2 Bels.