HP J5600

HP J5600 (A5991A)

$1,995.00 $1,195.00

HP 9000 Visualize J5600 SMP (A5991A)

HP DUAL PA-RISC 8600 64-bit CPUs @ 552MHz

– 2048 MB High-Density ECC SDRAM (max 8192 MB)

– 2 x 74GB Ultra2 SCSI LVD (max 4 SCSI HD internal)

– Visualize EG video (max three cards)

EVC to SVGA adapter incl. (output to PC monitors)

Internal 32X CDROM IDE

HP USB keyboard and USB mouse

Powered by your choice of HP-UX 11i, 11.0, or 10.20

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Product Description

J5600 Visualize

Prototyping, Rendering, Simulation, Analysis

The HP Visualize J5600 offers the superior visualization power of the new HP VISUALIZE-fx6 Pro graphics subsystem, delivering the performance required for mechanical design problems, virtual prototyping, large-model 3D rendering, manufacturing simulation and advanced computational analysis.