HP J6750

HP J6750 (A9638A)

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HP 9000 Visualize J6750 SMP (A9638A)

HP DUAL PA-RISC 8700+ 64-bit CPUs @ 875MHz w/2.25MB L1

– 2048 MB High-Density ECC SDRAM (max 16384 MB)

2 x 146GB Ultra2 SCSI LVD

– Visualize fxe video (or higher)

HP USB keyboard and USB mouse

Powered by your choice of HP-UX 11i or 11.0

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Product Description

J6750 Visualize

Prototyping, Rendering, Simulation, Analysis

The HP workstation J6750 offers the largest memory in the smallest package available, to provide you with the capacity to deliver on your toughest designs and simulations.

Designed to handle the toughest demands of compute-intensive mechanical engineering applications, the J6750 also includes a large amount of memory capacity to handle ever-increasing data sets. The J6750 can be configured for desk side or rack-optimized solutions.