IBM 44p Model 270 (7044-270)


Option 1

Power3-II DUAL 64-bit CPU @ 375 MHz
2048 MB High-Density ECC SDRAM
18 GB UltraSCSI Drive @ 10K RPM

Special Order

Price:  $2785 – $1995

Option 2

Power3-II QUAD 64-bit CPU @ 375 MHz w/ 8MB L2
4096 MB High-Density ECC SDRAM (max 16384 MB)
– 36 GB UltraSCSI Drive @ 10K RPM

Special Order

Price:  $4595 – $2485

Both Options include:

– CDROM / Floppy drive
10/100baseT Ethernet
– High Performance GXT 4500P Video (outputs to VGA)
– IBM keyboard / IBM mouse
IBM AIX 5L for Power V-5.3
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Product Description

IBM RS/6000 44P Model 270 (7044-270)

Analysis, Design, MCAE, Geo Visualization

The RS/6000 44P Model 270 server is a cost-effective solution as a workgroup, technical or e-business server or as a platform for 64-bit SMP app. development and testing.

The 375MHz POWER3-II copper processor offers a significant performance boost, with more than three times improvement in floating-point performance and almost four-and-a-half times the transaction processing performance of the 43P Model 260.