ibm 9110-51A

IBM P5 9110-51A

$1,995.00 $1,495.00

IBM 9110-51A eServer pSeries
– IBM Power5+ 2-Way 64-bit CPU @ 1.9GHz w/ 32MB L2 cache (Dual Core SMP)
– 16 GB ECC SDRAM (Max 32GB RAM)
– 146 GB UltraSCSI Drive (Max 4 disks)
– DVDROM / Floppy drive
– 1000baseT Ethernet
– High Performance GXT4500P Video (outputs to DVI+DVI)
– IBM keyboard / IBM mouse
– IBM AIX V-6.1 (will support AIX 7.1)

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Product Description

MCAD, CAE, Geophysics. The Power5+ based 9110-51A system has true multi-threaded application support & extended floating-point capabilities. Designed with reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features such as ECC memory and an integrated service processor, the P5-51A can help keep your mission-critical business, technical applications, and networks running 24/7.