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IBM Power 265 (9112-265)

$1,295.00 $995.00

IBM IntelliStation POWER 265 (9112-265) Option 1

Power3-II 64-bit Copper CPU @ 450 MHz
36 GB UltraSCSI HD (w/ room for six more hot-swap frontal drives)

Price: $995 In Stock

IBM IntelliStation POWER 265 (9112-265) Option 2

Power3-II 64-bit Copper CPU @ 2 x 450 MHz
74 GB UltraSCSI HD (w/ room for six more hot-swap frontal drives)

Special Order

Price: $1495

Both Options include:

– CDROM / Floppy drive
Dual 100baseT Ethernet interfaces
– IBM Power GXT4500P Graphics (outputs to DVI/VGA)
– Hot swap redundant (2x) Power Supplies
– IBM keyboard / IBM mouse
IBM AIX 5L for Power V-5.3
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Product Description

Power 265

Advanced visualization for design and analysis

This system combines superior performance, reliability and manageability in a flexible, affordable package. In particular, it is an excellent choice for running mid- to high-end Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD), front-end graphic processing and other floating-point-intensive business and technical applications.

The POWER 265 includes an integrated service processor computer within a computer that constantly monitors the system’s vital signs. To further enhance availability and manageability, these workstations incorporate IBM Light Path Diagnostics, which places LEDs near critical components to provide lighted guidance so problems may be quickly diagnosed and resolved the lights even stay on if the system is shut down.