Sun Ultra 60

SUN Ultra 30


– 300 MHz 64-bit UltraSPARC-II w/ 2MB L2 cache
– 512 MB RAM (exp. to 2GB)
– 9.1GB Ultra2 SCSI Drive
– LSI TurboGX frame buffer (13w3) or higher
– SUN Type 5 keyboard & mouse
– Powered by SUN Solaris 8, 9, or 10

Price: $595  Special Order

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Product Description

SUN Ultra 30

Designed to expand along with your technical computing needs as your business grows, the Ultra 30 and 60 are worthy successors to the Ultra 1 and 2 line respectively. These workstations support multiple high-performance graphics displays for uses such as: Modeling, Mapping, Visualization, Imaging, Design & Analysis.

Both systems have superior overall application performance. Their balanced architectures mean you can deploy their processing power, memory, I/O, and graphics, without performance limitations or bottlenecks.